Brooklyn DanceSport Club Couples - Eugene Katsevman/Maria Manusova and Pasha Stepanchuk/Anastasiya Danilova - Featured on the News!

July 15, 2014

Ballroom Dancers are the nation's new celebrities! In the past few years, Ballroom Dancing and DanceSport have seen an incredible rise in popularity. Brooklyn Independent Media Productions featured Brooklyn DanceSport Club, the United State's most renowned dance studio, in one of their shows. Brooklyn DanceSport Club, or BDSC for short, has a total of 4 couples that are/were sponsored by AIDA Dancing Shoes. BIM featured two of those couples in that show: Eugene Katsevman/Maria Manusova, who are the 2005 World Games Gold Medalists, and Pasha Stepanchuk/Anastasiya Danilova, who are the current USA Dance National Champions. 

Check it out in this video to see why BDSC Champions Choose AIDA Ballroom Dancing Shoes:

BK Live 7/2/14: DanceSport Club from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo

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