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Stretching Out Your Tight AIDA Ballroom Dance Shoes Can be as Easy as Freezing a Bag of Water!

Check out this amazing tutorial for stretching out your AIDA Ballroom Dance shoes in under an hour! All you need is two plastic bags filled with water, a freezer, and your tight AIDA Dance Shoes. Watch the tutorial here:

  1. Fill a zip-lock bag 3/4 of the way with water and SEAL it. Make sure it is sealed, because we DO NOT want to get the shoe wet.
  2. Insert the zip-lock bag inside your shoe, such that these no space inside the shoe. The zip-lock bag should be protruding through all the possible crevices of the toe box if it is a Latin/Rhythm shoe.
  3. Place the shoe inside a freezer and let it stand there until the water freezes. When the water freezes, the expanding ice will stretch the shoe out.
  4. Once you take the shoe out, make sure to take out the bag of ice right away. We do not want condensation to get the shoe wet!


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