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Our Couples were on Top at the Ohio Star Ball Thanks to the Industry's Best Ballroom Dance Shoes, AIDA

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes, AIDA Dancing shoes, have helped our couples achieve wonderful results at the Ohio Star Ball once again! The comfortable dance shoes lead our couples to mulitple top finishes! Check out the results below:

  • Peter Perzhu and Sasha Perzhu - 1st in the Professional Smooth Championships and Showdance
  • Shane and Shannon Jensen - 1st in the Professional Cabaret and 5th in the Professional Rhythm Championships
  • Andrey Tarasov and Yuliya Kuznetsova - 3rd in the Professional Latin Championships
  • Pasha Stepanchuk and Gabriella Sabler - 1st in the Amateur Latin Championships
  • Alexey Karaulov and Vlada Semenova - 3rd in the Amateur Latin Championships
  • Nikolai Tarasov and Amanda Herrschaft - 4th in the Amateur Latin Championships
  • Igor Ustymovych and Briana Santiago - 1st in the RS Professional Rhythm Championships
  • Mike Monokandilos and Sophia Brodsky - 1st in the Under-21 Latin Championships and 3rd in the Under-21 Ballroom Championships
  • Erik Linder and Rickie Taylor - 1st in the Junior 2 Ballroom Championships and 3rd in the Junior 2 Latin Championships


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