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Classic and Powerful: AIDA Red Sole

The truly marvelous component of dancesport is that not only is it an artform and a sport, it is undoubtedly stylish! Yes, there is the aspect of hard training and performance, but all of that effort can go unseen or ignored if the dancer is not collected, clean, and chic. From tanner to hair to costumes, the performer must radiate, inside and out on the dance floor.

Ballroom dancing focuses on the body’s movement and interpretation of the music, and how does one move across the floor? Using their feet. Technique and steps are profound in the feet/footwork, and what better way to accent the importance of this than with fashionable shoes! Aida dance shoes not only allow structure, support, and flexibility for your feet, they are undeniably beautiful! Clean and structured, they are offered in a variety of styles including the new, unique and wonderful, red sole! Standing out on the dance floor is a major tip to succeeding in whatever goal you have set for yourself, whether it be entertaining the audience or dancing to improve confidence. The AIDA red sole is a classic in a unique manner, or in other words, elegant yet fierce. AIDA dance shoes with the hot red can dress up your outfit and your self esteem, which is beyond attractive on the dance floor, trust me! Try them yourself, be daring, and most of all, set the floor on fire with the red sole and the eminent AIDA point!

Now you can customize any shoe to include a red sole bottom. Just choose the option when adding your shoe to the shopping cart:

You can also add it to cart manually here.


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