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The best ballroom dance shoes, also happen to be one of the easiest ballroom dance shoes to dye! In fact, dyeing your shoes is quite simple and could be done in under 5 minutes if you take the necessary precautions. 

Things you will need include white satin AIDA Dance Shoes, paint sponge, fabric dye, plain paper, tape, cup, and warm water.

Step one: cover the parts of the shoe that you would like to avoid coloring. Put paper and tape around the edges smoothly and make sure they are completely covered!

Step two: pour choice of color dye and warm water into a cup in equal parts. Stir with sponge brush

Step three: use the paint sponge to color your shoe. You can do as many coats, so apply even amounts everywhere!

Step four: let them dry!!! It should take at least an hour to dry, so don't be to hasty to put them on.

Step five: repeat step 3 and 4 if necessary.

Watch the full video here:


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Ilia Kolosov
Ilia Kolosov

January 23, 2018

Dark Tan Satin isn’t dyed, we receive it this way from the supplier of satin.

Monna Ferguson
Monna Ferguson

January 10, 2018

What color dye achieves the tan satin color that you use for latin shoes?

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