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The Art of Effort

The Art of Effort

Effort: something done by exertion or hard work

Hard work may either produce feelings of dread or excitement, and it depends on the type of person you are. The prospect of exerting effort towards a specific goal or accomplishment provokes and stimulates the ambitious, which everybody should aspire to be like because this will feed you and drown procrastination and laziness. In simpler terms, ambitious people like hard work, whilst lazy ones dread it. 

Now if you find yourself to be languid, there is hope. You have to find a purpose, a reason to spend your precious energy on something other than your normal practice, walk around the park, and shower routine. First things first, hard work is not easy. But what hurts more than trying harder is the prospect of disappointment. Disappointment, to most people, is extremely painful and it can come from family, partners, or worst of all, yourself. 


Lack of effort = short term pleasure (Netflix) and long term pain (disappointment)   

Exerting a great amount of effort = short term pain (soreness) and long term pleasure (self satisfaction)


It is not easy to face pain, I get it. This is not easy. It is not easy to go for the run, to eat a boiled egg instead of a donut, or to dance another two rounds. You know
what else is not easy? Losing the extra ten pounds you gained from indulging in sweets, facing your partner after dancing below your potential and having to rebuild your stamina right before a major competition. Think long term, long term, LONG TERM!

Every single step you take and every joule of energy you put forward eventually adds up. It is not beautiful all the time. Like a creating a painting, it takes time. As the pieces fit together, the strokes meet and shape the picture. 

Therefore, it is vital for you to consider that whatever goal you have created for
yourself whether it be based around your dancing career or your attitude towards food, you have to try and push through. Believe that once you see results, the momentum will speed up. The hardest part is the first part, starting the move and building up speed.

Now this is called the art of effort, because it is beautiful in its own way, intricate, and well worth it. There may be ugly moments, times of difficulty, and complete self doubt, but pushing through with your momentum will provide beautiful results. Beautiful and ugly, quite the paradox, but also part of the art form. 

Consistent steps forward, no matter how big or small, will take you from that ditch to the top of the mountain, it just all depends upon how much effort you commit on when you will see from the top. Be ambitious.


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