September 10, 2018

US National Professional Latin Championship

 Andrei Kozlovsky & Asta Sigvaldadottir - 3rd place
Manuel Favilla & Natalia Maiduk - 6th place
Mykhailo Bilopukhov & Anastasiia Shchypilina - 4th place
Sasha Altukhov & Cheyenne Murillo - semifinal 

WDC US Open to the World Professional Int'l Latin Championship

Andrei Kozlovsky & Asta Sigvaldadottir - 1st place
Mykhailo Bilopukhov & Anastasiia Shchypilina - 2nd place 
Ilya Maletin & Polina Mayer - 4th place
Manuel Favilla & Natalia Maiduk - 5th place

US National Professional American Rhythm Championship

Shane & Shannon Jensen - 4th place

US National Professional Cabaret Championship 

Shane & Shannon Jensen -1st place
Travis & Jaimee Tuft - 2nd place
Craig Smith & Andrea Harvey - 6th place

US National Professional Rising Star Int'l Latin 

Ivan Kudashev & Ksusha Sokolova - 1st place
Vlad Astafiev & Annie He Xiao - 2nd place

YOUTH US Open to the World Int'l Latin Championship

Matthew Bezzant & Abigail Werner - 1st place

US National Professional American Smooth Championship

Nick Cheremukhin & Viktorija - 1st place
Travis & Jamiee Tuft - 3rd place
Sergey Samchinsky & Yuliya Besarab - 5th place

US National Professional Int'l Ballroom Championship 

Christian Radvan & Kristina Kudelko - semifinal
Nazar Batih and Mariko Cantley - semifinal

US National Professional Ballroom Show Dance Championship

Nazar Batih and Mariko Cantley - 1st place

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