AERY JO Tanning Make-up color No 3 Garmet Stone is the Deep Brown body foundation with golden pearl shade gives the skin a natural- looking healthy suntanned glow. With the beautiful diamond pearl pigments, this Dance Tanning Make Up gives you sensational shiny look under the stage light. Once the tanning make up dries up on your skin, it doesn't smudge under water or sweat and doesn't easily stain the garments. It is easy to cleanse with soap or foaming cleanser.

How to Use Aery Jo Tanning Make-up

Do not apply Tanning Make Up when your skin is sweat or the body is hot, as the tan won't dry properly. The skin must be clean and dry before applying.

Rub Quickly and Widely - When you apply it on your back, squeeze the liquid enough to fill your partner’s palm. When you apply it on your arms and legs, squeeze it to fill 1/4 of your palm. Apply it by using your hand because your palm is warm. Rub quickly and widely to avoid smudge.

It takes 15 - 20 min to dry. You can however use a hairdryer to shorten this time. After it is dry, you can wear the clothes and the tan will not stain them even if you sweat a lot!

Cleansing - Easy to Clean with Soap or Foaming Cleanser and water. Should there be any leftovers wipe them out with Eye make-up remover.