Alberto Cortes Garcia & Jessa Mae Briones

Alberto Cortes Garcia and Jessa Mae Briones are proud to bring the dancing world a taste of Spain and the Philippines. Specifically, Alberto hails from Cáceres, Spain while Jessa originates from Cebu City, Philippines. In early January 2016, the two of them began dancing together in New York City, each bringing to the table 9 years of experience in international Latin and a background of ballroom. They both came to work for Fred Astaire Dance Studios. It is here where they found the perfect environment for honing their craft as well as encouraging their own passion for improving the lives of their students through dance. From there, the two of them worked diligently and passionately into leaving their own impression on the American Rhythm category. It was soon clear that the talent and hard work that they invested would begin paying dividends by way of recognition.

After only a year and a half, it goes without saying that they have come a long way. Jessa Mae Briones and Alberto Cortes Garcia have garnered the title of Professional Rising Star American Rhythm Champions 16 times in a row in various competitions throughout the United States. This includes being twice named Fred Astaire Professional Rising Star American Rhythm National Champions and Fred Astaire Professional American Rhythm Rising Star World Champions:
  • USDC RS Professional Rhythm Champions
  • NYDF RS Professional Rhythm Champions
  • Empire RS Professional Rhythm Champions
  • Millennium DanceSport Championships RS Professional Rhythm Champions
  • Emerald Ball RS Professional Rhythm Champions
Alberto and Jessa both share the belief that there is more to dance than just the placement of your feet and that the expression of one’s feelings and intentions through the motions of the human form are paramount in what is translated through dance. It is in their ability to inspire both their students and onlookers to want to get up and join them on the floor that is truly the testament to their capabilities as dancers. They are very grateful to be supported by the best dance shoes in the industry of dancing making them feel comfortable to step with confidence in their journey to achieve their goals.


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