Alexey Karaulov and Vlada Semenova


Alexey Karaulov and Vlada Karaulov started dancing together in 2005 in St. Petersburg, Russia. They were brought together by their coaches, who are always trying to create great partnerships that have the potential to reach the very top. In their very first year of dancing together, in the youth age category, they became the finalists of the Russian closed championship! Such a competition has all Russian 400 couples competing for the spot in the final. A lot of hard work and talent got Alexey and Vlada one of those few spots in the final! They also received the title 'Master of Sport' from the Russian federation.

Some time after they wanted to use all of their dance opportunities in Vlada's country of citizenship. They moved to Vancouver to represent Canada. Competing in Blackpool in 2007, they placed in the top 20 in the world. Unfortunately, due to documents, Alexey could no longer live in Canada and had to go back to Russia. They both continued to dance separately, Alexey in Russia and Vlada in Canada.

In 2008, 1 year later, both Alexey and Vlada simultaneously were presented with an opportunity to dance in New York City. It was an amazing coincidence and possibly fate that after so many years of dancing separately, they ended up in the same location!

In January 2013 they decided to give their partnership another chance. It was the best decision of their lives. After only dancing 3 months together, they made the final in the US championship in 2013 and have been moving their way up in 2014. They have been traveling all over the world showing what they are capable of.

They are the 2014 US Open national champions. They placed an impressive 2nd place in the WDC Asian tour including the Taipei open and Korean open championship. They were in the final of the rising star Open to the world championship in Paris Disney and Dutch Open Rising Star Amateur latin. 2014 WDC world Amateur latin Semi-finalists. Winners and finalists of all major closed and open North American championships. Since turning professional on May 2016 Alexey and Vlada had great success winning Manhattan DanceSport Professional Rising Star Latin Championship, Empire Dance Championship Professional RS Latin, Capital DanceSport Professional RS Latin, Nevada Star Ball Professional RS Latin to name the few. In addition to that, they placed 2nd at the US National RS Latin Championship. Since September 2016 Alexey and Vlada have started to represent Canada. In their first major overseas competition as Professionals they placed an impressive 2nd place at the 2016 International Championships in London, U.K.

They have very big plans and a bright future ahead!




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