Allen Rudman and Svetlana Lesnaya

Allen Rudman and Svetlana Lesnaya began dancing together in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. Svetlana, a Ukrainian, born and raised, moved to America to dance with Allen. Allen, a native Bostonian, had been dominating the Junior and Youth categories at all National events. Svetlana, in Ukraine, had been achieving the same results, parallel to Allen. For the last three years, they have been creating a new chapter in their lives in the amateur category. 

Both on and off the dance floor, they always enjoy each other’s company and presence. They also have a strong sense of teamwork and appreciate each other’s style of dancing. When not on the floor, they teach the next generation students at Dance Fever Studio in Boston, the studio where Allen has been practicing in since the early stages in his career. They love their AIDA Dance shoes so much that they encourage all their students to practice in the best ballroom and latin dance shoes. Their best results include the bronze medal in the Amateur Latin Championships at the 2016 Ohio Star Ball and the silver medal in the US Open Amateur Latin Championships at the 2016 USDC. In addition, they consistently make the majority of finals across America. Their exciting future awaits and we can't wait to see what future they will write together!

Allen chooses to dance in the 131T Allan Model in Crepe Satin, while Sveta chooses the the 070E Karina Model in Dark Tan Satin.

They love their AIDA Dance shoes because of the comfort and the many ways they can customize their ballroom and latin dance shoes!