Andrii Mykhailov & Anna Bohachova

Andrii and Anna both started to dance at the age of 5. They were encouraged to a lot of activities from the childhood, they both even finished universities in economic sphere, but ballroom dancing becomes their passion for whole life!

Andrii Mykhailov and Anna Bohachova turn Professionals just in November on the middle of Ohio Star Ball. It was great start, the next day after danced Amateur category they finished 1st in Rising Star Professionals. One more prove of the unbelievable transition from amateurs to professionals was UK Open Championship in Bournemouth, England. 2016 they become a runners-up of Adults Rising Star Ballroom category and exactly the year after, in January 2017, a couple become a vice-champions of RS again, but already in Professionals!

Andrii and Anna dancing together for 7 years and throught these times they could be proud about some of their main achievements:

  • Masters of Sports in Ukraine on the international level

Amateur career:

  • Runners-up of Ukrainian National Championship as Amateurs
  • IDSA vice-champions of the world
  • Winners of Europa Imperial in London, United Kingdom, Autumn Dance Classic, Hollywood Dance Championship 2016 in the USA, Minsk Capital Cup 2016
  • Winners and medalists of the biggest  Ukrainian competitions as Kyiv Open, Ukrainian Open,  Parade of Hopes and others
  • Runners-up on the UK Amateur RS Championship 2016, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
  • Quarter-finalists of UK Open Amateur Championship 2016

Professional career:

  • Runners-up on the UK Professional RS Championship 2017 in Bournemouth, United Kingdom
  • Second Professional Ballroom couple in Ukraine
  • Finalists on the Universal Championship 2017, London, United Kingdom
  • Winners of the Ohio Star Ball, City Lights Championship, California Open,  Emerald Ball, the Ball at San-Francisco in Professionals RS Ballroom
  • Winners of Portland Open competition