Clifton Sepulveda & Mar Martinez

Clifton and Mar began dancing and competing together in 2013. They were an immediate sensation. Her expressiveness and emotion coupled with his strength and presence on the floor create a combination that holds the audiences attention and pulls them into the story being told by the dancing. They are always working hard to express the music and to do more with this Theatrical style than just having “cool tricks”. Their devotion and discipline to this style is evident every time they take the floor. These two have just begun. They still have so much to share with the dance world and there seems to be no stopping them. Keep your eyes on these two as the are certain to go down in history as one of the top couples to ever compete in this style. This couple has enjoyed great success all over the world in only five short years!

- Blackpool Finalists
- US Bronze Medalists
- US Open To The World Bronze Medalists
- Kremlin Cup Champions
- Dutch Open Champions
- Fred Astaire Champions
- Triple Crown Champions and 2x Triple Crown Grand Champions
- World Masters Champions
- Grand National Champions
- Ohio Star Ball Champions

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