Cristian Radvan and Kristina Kudelko

Cristian began dancing at the age of 8 after being mesmerized by dancing on TV shows in Moldova. He started dancing in "Codreanca", an internationally acclaimed Moldavian DanceSport Club. Since then, he began to claim the highest rewards in Standard and Latin, including being a 5-time Moldavian National Champion, 2-time Silver medalist of World Championships, 2-time Silver medalists of Europe, and a Bronze medalist in Standard of European.

Kristina has been doing gymnastics and ballroom since the age of 6, but dancing was always her passion. She has had great results in the Junior and Youth categories, including being a multiple gold and silver medalist in the National Belarusian Championships in Latin, Standard, and 10-Dance, and an International Latin World Finalist.

Cristian and Kristina met in California in 2015, both after a break in dancing, they decided to share their passion for Standard together. Since then they became one of the top Rising Star couples and the youngest couple in Pro Open Standard finals. Some of their best results include:

- USDC National Silver medalists of the Professional Rising Star Ballroom 
- Emerald Ball Silver medalists of the Professional Rising Star Ballroom
- Embassy Open to the World Professional Rising Star Ballroom Champions
- Ohio Star Ball Professional Rising Star Ballroom Champions


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