Daniel & Alexis Pollack

Most ballroom partners who share a last name are a married couple, but not Daniel Pollack and Alexis Pollack: they’re brother and sister. Many people think that a sibling partnership is strange, being that it is very rare to find a brother/sister partnership in the United States, but Daniel and Alexis have been happily dancing together since 2017. The road to this partnership was not an easy one. Daniel and Alexis had to listen to many people tell them that their partnership would never work out, being that they are related. Negativity came from many angles, including coaches who never believed in them; but their strong and persevering partnership has only proved these people wrong.


Daniel, being 2 years younger than Alexis, started dancing ballroom after watching her ballroom classes. Being that Daniel was a talented and nationally successful tennis player at the time, he had the hard decision of having to choose between tennis and ballroom. Ultimately, he chose ballroom. Daniel is currently a high school senior, and is the president and dance captain of his school’s ballroom team.


Alexis has been dancing since the age of 3, beginning in the styles of ballet, jazz, and tap, along with competitive figure skating. Alexis began dancing for Ballet West, a premier ballet school in America, and has had a leading role in ballets such as The Nutcracker and La Bayadère. Eventually her passion turned towards ballroom, and she has been dancing ever since. Alexis is currently a student at the University of Utah, majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science, and minoring in Nutrition.


Daniel and Alexis now train and coach nationally, and love to share their knowledge and love of dance with their students. Daniel and Alexis love to travel to compete. Some of their accomplishments include making the top 12 in Under 21 Latin at the Ohio Star Ball, making the semifinal in Under 21 Latin at the United States National Championships, and becoming the Youth 3-Dance National champions.


Daniel and Alexis are thrilled to be the only sibling partnership to be sponsored by Aida. They believe that family always comes first, and are happy to now have a second family in Aida.