Daniel Hustiuc & Jess Li

Daniel is Moldovan but grew up in Italy. Jess is Chinese but grew up in America. Daniel started dancing at the age of 12 in Moldova, after being inspired by his childhood best friend, who was an accomplished dancer and “got the attention of all the girls” as a result. Within the first two years of dancing, Daniel was already winning his National Championships. On the other hand, Jess did not start dancing until the age of 21. She graduated from Harvard University with a joint degree in psychology and neuroscience, during which she joined Harvard’s social ballroom team, fell in love with ballroom dancing and never looked back. At the end of 2018, when both were looking for a dance partner, Jess flew from New York to Italy to tryout out with Daniel. They met and danced for the first time in Venice, the eternal city of love; and for them, it would be love at first sight and chemistry at first touch. Three weeks later, Daniel moved to America. Three months later, they were married. After less than a year of dancing together, this husband and wife duo became International and UK Pro RS Latin Semi-Finalists, in addition to winning many Pro RS events in the USA, including NYDF. Other fun facts about Daniel and Jess are that they speak five languages between them; they have matching tattoos (a spontaneous decision made three weeks after having met); and they are also loving cat parents. Aside from becoming dance legends, Daniel and Jess are most excited about one day having beautiful, halfie babies.