Jang & Adele Don

Dr. Jang (SeHyoung) Don, originally from South Korea, came to New York to train as a competitor in Ballroom & Latin dance. It is here that he met his future wife, Adele, originally from England. They have competed internationally gaining many accredentials in Standard, Latin and more recently American Smooth and Rhythm. They also were British Champions and European Finalists in Classical Showdance. Jang is also a Certified Laban/ Bartenieff Institute Movement Studies (C.M.A)- LIMS®, hails a M.A in Dance Education (Steinhardt, CEHD), New York University and a Doctorate Degree in Dance at SungKyunKwan University (SAMSUNG Foundation). Adele has a B.A. in Physical Education, Atlanta, USA and they are both qualified in ISTD and IDTA respectively. They believe education is the most important factor in life and in dance, and endeavor to educate themselves to the highest quality, thus being able to give back to their community now and in the future. They have danced together for many years and recently in January 2018 celebrated their 10 year Wedding Anniversary. They have made many TV appearances in South Korea, once winning an award for their Life Documentary in Korea. Their aim is to make dance of any style accessible to people of all ages and capabilities throughout the world. We are also advocates of TaeKwon Dance. 
  • Blackpool Professional American Rhythm Finalists 2018
  • World Masters Professional American Style Smooth Champions 2017
  • Blackpool Professional American Smooth Semi-Finalists 2017 & 2018 (Blackpool, England)
  • Ohio Star Ball, Professional Rising Star American Style Rhythm Champions 2008 (Ohio, USA) 
  • Eastern United States Professional 10 Dance & 9 Dance Champions (Boston, USA)
  • United Kingdom Open Professional 10 Dance Champions (London, England)
  • British Professional Showdance Champions (London, England)
  • Korea Open & National Professional Ballroom & Latin Champions (Seoul, Korea)
  • World Professional 10 Dance Finalists 2011 (Ukraine) 
  • European Professional 10 Dance Finalists, & European Ballroom Show dance Finalists, 2013 (Germany)
  • Yuletide Ball Open Professional American Smooth Champions


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