Kristijan Burazer & Anja Imamovic

Kristijan Burazer and Anja Imamovic are fierce dancers from Europe, more precisely from Slovenia. Their dancing paths go way back as they started dancing more than 20 years ago. 


Kristijan started dancing at the age of 10 in Ljubljana, Slovenia when he saw his sister at hip-hop competition, he immediately decided that is something he would want do, except he changed hip-hop dancing with ballroom dancing. He won numbers competitions all over the world, was vice champion of Slovenia, and ranked among top 15 couples in the world. Worked with the biggest names in the ballroom industry, to perfect his craft. He started dancing because he loves music and rhythm. In free time Kristijan loves to ride motorcycles, watches his favorite TV shows Office and Sopranos, and loves to cook:)


Anja, started dancing at the age of 8 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reason why she started dancing was because the ballroom dancing team visited her school when she was in first grade of elementary school. Dance team had a presentation of ballroom dancing, and all the girls wore makeup, glittery dresses, the music was fun, and that’s when she decided this is something she wants to do all her life. Since then Anja won 18-Bosnian National Championships, she won Bosnian version of Dancing with the Stars, she was featured on TV, magazine, dancing shows with celebrities... But her true love was and is love for ballroom dancing that brings out the best out of her; it brings her joy and happiness. Anja is also a makeup addict, she has guest bathroom filled with make up, like Kristijan her favorite TV show is Office- it’s like husband and wife thing they love this show and of course Friends.


Before they started dancing together they both had different dance partners and it wasn’t until they moved to USA that they  decided to dance together. Their are both hardworking dedicated and competitive dancers. All their career they have been competing in standard and latin-american dancing, and were very successful. But they wanted to expand their knowledge and talents so they moved to Rhythm division, where they placed 2nd at USDC in Rising Star Rhythm Championship in 2017. They took 3rd place at Embassy Ball(Rising Star), 1st in NV Ball (Rising Star) 1st Galaxy Dance Festival (Rising Star), 2nd place Ohio Star Ball (Rising Star), 1st City Lights (Rising Star)...


Their are also very dedicated to their students, helping them and guiding them through the world of ballroom dancing not to only become best dancers but also to become best possible versions of themselves.


Our ideology about ballroom dancing:


“We are ballroom dancers, artists, athletes… The art we create is art created through music, our bodies and our emotions. When we are dancing, we feel connected to yourself and our partner, not only physically but also emotionally. Through dancing, we are telling the story, story of love, sadness, happiness, pain… The most amazing thing about dancing is that you can truly express how you feel, and for people, it’s very easy to connect to that. There is no pretending when you are dancing; you are truly you. When you are on the stage, you truly feel alive and free; there is this nothingness in your head, no limitations of who you are. 


Dancing makes us feel alive, positive, living life in gratitude, and we are so humbled to be able to help others feel the same.”


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