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Luis Santiago & Anya Katsevman

Being of Puerto Rican descent, Luis has always had an interest in Latin American music, culture, and dance. He only began training salsa in mid-2010, inspired by his own father’s interest in dancing.

Since starting his dancing career,  Luis has trained with some of the world’s leading dancers and dance companies. In a short time, Luis became a world rising star champion with his then partner, Kathleen Eccleston, and is now dancing with world champion Anya Katsevman.

Luis has become a sought-after lead on the social dance floor and a sought-after instructor considering the musicality and fluidity of his lead in every movement, creative choreography, and attention to detail and competition experience. He specializes in teaching Salsa on1, Salsa on2, Bachata, body movement, shines, musicality, and salsa fundamentals and technique

Born in Kiev Ukraine, Anya Katsevman has been living in the United States since 1993. She began her dance training at the age of ten. After watching her brother become the National Champion, Anya developed her own competitive drive that has not stopped since. She has won over 20 prestigious world titles in the international Latin dance arena, including Eastern United States Championships, Ohio Star Ball, La Classique Du Quebec, American Star Ball, and the United States Open Championships. She has also starred in touring shows, Burn the Floor and Dancing With The Stars.

After finishing a successful career in the International Latin circuit, Anya began dancing salsa in 2007. With her then partner, Luis Aguilar, Anya has become the undefeated two time World Champion, undefeated San Francisco Congress Salsa champion, two time New York Salsa Congress Champion, Puerto Rico Salsa Champion, North American Salsa Champions, and the winner of the NY/NJ salsa open. Within her short time on the salsa circuit, Anya has not only seen success in the competition scene but has also graced the stages of many events worldwide. Anya also took part in numerous television productions and danced for many Latin artists such as El Gran Combo and Gilberto Santa Rosa, as well as choreographing for many world renown teams, world champions and music videos and productions.

Anya's combined background of training, dynamic stage presence, elegance, graceful style, and strong technical action quickly helped her became one of the most sought-after Latin dancers, choreographers, and adjudicators in the world. Currently, she is performing, coaching, judging, choreographing, producing, staging, designing, and helping develop champions of all levels and genres of dance.