Matthew Bezzant and Abigail Werner

Matthew has been dancing since he was age 11. He competes in standard as well as Latin. He is in a formation team with BYU. Texas was where Matthew was born then shortly after moved to Japan. When he lived in Japan, he trained as a sumo wrestler. At a young age he moved back to the United States to Utah where he started training with Sasha and Cheyenne. Surprisingly he is the younger one of the couple being only 15 years old. Matthew is the only boy in the family with having 4 sisters in the house. So dancing with a girl was no problem. Abby has been dancing since she was 2 years old. She dances all styles such as Jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, and tap. She currently trains at Center Stage Performing Arts. Abby has only been dancing ballroom for 3 1/2 years. She has been on several shows such as America’s got talent and World of Dance. In Las Vegas and Florida Abby competed against the best of the best at Radix and The Dance Awards. At Radix she took 4th place teen female core performer and top ten teen female best dancer at The Dance Awards. Dance is Abby’s passion. She works hard everyday to better herself and share her love of dancing with the world. Matthew and Abby have been ballroom partners for 2 1/2 years. This world class couple trains at strictly ballroom with coaches Sasha Altukhov and Cheyenne Murillo. They have traveled to compete at Internationals in London England, worlds in Paris France and Blackpool England. Their first year as a couple they made the Junior 2 final and 4th place Pre-Champ Youth at U.S Amateur Nationals 2017. As they continued competing they took 2nd at U.S Amateur Nationals 2018. Abby and Matthew represented team U.S.A for world competition in Blackpool, England that same year. They also took 2nd place in the samba, and 7th in the under 16 Latin championship division 2018. Their continued success has brought them great opportunities such as teaching alongside their coaches Sasha and Cheyenne in China. Success has not always come easy! Abby struggles with Asthma as well as 2 injuries. Last November while competing at BYU during the paso Matthew accidentally hit Abby in the nose breaking it. They continued to finish dancing and placed 2nd. Six days later they competed in Ohio Star ball and again during the Paso Abby gets hit in the face. This time by a competitor on the dance floor. They finished the paso and jive. As soon as they finished Abby ran off the floor with her four front teeth literally hanging from her mouth. Despite many obstacles this couple continues to rise! Matthew and Abby are so excited to partner with AIDA as they stride the floor in the best performance quality and looking dance shoes!


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