Mykhailo Anufriiev & Anna Vietrynska

Mykhailo Anufriiev was born in Kyiv Ukraine in 1993. Mykhailo's Mother noticed his intense interest in the field of dance and music at the early age of four. She enrolled him with one of the dance studio and started his education in music by scheduling piano lessons. Mykhailo's determination excelled in his standing within this studio where he became a lead dancer. In 2008 Mykhailo became Ukrainian champion in both Standard and Latin programs. Mykhailo graduated in 2015 as Bachelor's degree in the field of physical education and sports as a teacher of physical education and dance coach. In 2016 graduated with Master's degree in the field management and marketing. All knowledge Mykhailo using to teach all different age groups, levels, styles, and needs.

2014 Mykhailo partnered with Anna Vietrynska. The couple traveled the world and brought home to Ukraine numerous trophies and medals including Blackpool Dance Festival, WDC AL Disney, Dutch Open, WDC AL championships.

Anna was born in Kyiv Ukraine in 1993. Her Mom, as a fashion designer, was in love with ballroom dancing and puffy dresses. This love led her to enroll Anna, at an early age, into ballroom dancing. Anna's passion from the beginning was international standard. In 2009 she became Ukrainian champion in Standard division and medalists in Latin American division. In 2014 she graduated master's degree with Honor from Kyiv National University of Culture and Art. Later on, her coaching and choreographing skills escalated her desire to work as a ballroom teacher at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.

Mykhailo & Anna achievements:
*International Master of Sport
* Pass the UASD professional qualifications in International Ballroom, International Latin, American Rhythm, Theater Arts, and American Smooth with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA), Great Britain
* Fred Astaire National Professional Open FINALISTS
* Fred Astaire World Professional Open FINALISTS
* Michigan Dance Challenge RS Profesional WINNERS
* Empire Dance Championship RS Professional MEDALISTS
* Kings-ball Open Profesional FINALISTS
* Yuletide Show Dance Profesional Open RUNNERS UP

Today, both Michael and Anna are working at Fred Astaire dance studios. Couple offers dance lessons for kids and adults, creating a wedding dance, directing events, choreographing for dance shows, music clips, participating in a host of community dance events in the New York area etc. A couple can be seen across the United States coaching, dancing and competing.

Contact info:
Tel.: 1 845 536 7627