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Mykhailo Bilopukhov & Anastasiia Shchypilina

Mykhailo Bilopukhov and Anastasiia Shchypilina have been dancing together for ten years, but have known each other since their childhood! In their youth, the danced in different studios but saw one another at competitions. They were well known dancers: Passionate Anastasiia and the Super Fast Mykhailo. Once they have decided to try dancing together in 2007, something special emerged from their connection.

There were magical feelings, joy, passion, and an addiction to dance, and this touched them deeply, formulating a cohesive partnership.Their partnership was further supported by a great team of coaches that supported, inspired, and helped develop their belief in their own uniqueness.

At the beginning of their dancing career, Mykhailo and Anastasiia were selected to be part of the national team and represent Ukraine in all official European and World Champions/Cups. They danced in IDSF (now WDSF ) organization.

In their first year, Mykhailo and Anastasiia placed fifth in the European Cup in 2008. A major success emerged when they danced the semi-final of the 2011 European Latin Championship  because they were the first couple who danced in the semi-final of this competition and it was the best result in the history of dancesport WDSF in Ukraine.

2012 brought silvers medals from the European Cup.

In 2013 the couple decided to continue their career as Professionals and in 2014 they became finalists placing 5th in the Rising Star division at the prestigious United Kingdom Open Championship.

In 2015, Bilopukhov and Shchypilina started representing the USA.


Currently they are:

RS USA National Champions

RS Open to the World WDC Champions

Bronze medalists of Open to The World WDC<

2016 USA National finalists and finalists and medalists of all popular, prestigious and major competitions

2017 silver medalists of USA National Championship

Winners of many more prestigious competitions

Ohio Star Ball Champions