Nikita Vasilenko & Olivia Agranovich

Nikita Vasylenko, originally from Ukraine and Olivia Agranovich, born in United States, started dancing together in August 2018 and competing in the Under 21 and Amateur Latin Divisions.

Before this partnership, Olivia was a US Silver Medalist as well as finalist and winner of most of the major US Competitions in the Youth Category. Nikita was very successful in the International arena becoming the 10- dance European champion and finalist of Assen Dutch Open, Milano Grand Ball, won 3rd place in the Paris World Championship, and an U21 & Amateur RS semifinalist of Blackpool Dance Festival. Although Olivia and Nikita initially met at the Paris Worlds in December of 2017, they only became a couple almost a year later, when both of their previous partnerships ended.

Their partnership revealed itself as an immediate success, as they won all first places in the Under 21 Division at prestigious competitions such as DBDC, Constitution, Paragon Open, Ohio Star Ball, King’s Ball, 2019 NYDF and even U.S. Nationals within the first few months of dancing together. They currently stand as the undefeated Under 21 champions since the beginning of their partnership. They have also successfully entered the Amateur Latin arena by winning the Amateur Championships at King’s Ball and Boston Dancesport Cup, placing 3rd at Paragon Open, 4th at Ohio Star Ball, becoming finalists at La Classique du Quebec in Canada and placing 5th in the U.S. National Championships!

Olivia was always determined to become a doctor and had an impeccable school record. Although, it is tough to combine an exceptionally busy dance and competition schedule with that of AP classes in school, she is definitely on track to make her dream of medical school become true. Although Nikita initially also wanted to become a doctor, he is graduating with the degree in finance and economy from the University in Kiev, Ukraine this year. Olivia and Nikita share a lot of common traits- both are exceptionally inquisitive and social, love sports and traveling whether it is a fun small road trip together or a long flight overseas. Aside from dance, Olivia enjoys skiing, and Nikita’s favorite sport to participate in is soccer.

They both absolutely love dogs, and Olivia is a proud owner of an adorable black and white Pomeranian boy named Charlie. Of course, he plays a vital role in supporting the couple! Although they have been dancing together for only 6 months, they have accomplished quite a lot and do not show any signs of stopping.


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