Oleksandr Kamniev & Kateryna Kamnieva

Oleksandr and Kateryna started dancing together in August of 2012 in Ukraine.

They both finished the “National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine” and have a high educationional degree as Specialists of Sport: Coach of a Kind of Sport (Ballroom dancing); Teacher of Physical Education.

They are licensed IDSA International dance teachers, adjudicators, and competitors. Also Oleksandr finished “Bogomolets National Medical University” and practiced in two different specialties as an MD. He is a columnist of “Dance Beat” magazine, New-York.

As sportsmen, they have a lot achievements. They have the official titles of:
  • Masters of sport of Ukraine
  • Masters of Sport of International class
  • IDSA World Champions of 2014
  • EDSF European Champions of 2015
  • They are finalists of the Ukrainian Championships
  • Winners of the Ukrainian Open Championship 2015
  • Winners of Dance Star Festivals, 2015/2016 in Ukraine
  • Some of their results at the largest and most prestigious competitions in the world
  • UK Open Championship 2016 Amateur Rising Star Latin – 10th place
  • Blackpool Dance Festival 2016 Amateur Latin - top 29.

In August 2016 Oleksandr and Kateryna decided to move to USA and successfully continued to dance and compete in NDCA and USA Dance. 
They won California Star Ball 2016; California State DanceSport Championships 2016 (The USA National 2017 Qualifying Competition) and California Open Championship 2017.

They took a part in their first USA Dance National DanceSport Championship 2017 and received a Silver.




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