Pasha Stepanchuk and Gabrielle Sabler

Pasha and Gabrielle emerged as a new partnership in September of 2014. With promising backgrounds, they began to break through in all major American championships. Before dancing together, Pasha, a former US National Champion and 2 time US Open Champion, has represented the country at the World Championships in Austria and Paris on multiple occasions.

Gabrielle has also had amazing results throughout her career, holding several U.S National Junior, Youth, and Under-21 titles. She is a former Junior and Under-21 World Championship Finalist. Since they started dancing together 2 years ago, they've already achieved so much domestically and abroad! Here are some of their domestic achievements:

- 2 time USA National Finalists (including Bronze medalists)
- 2 time US Open Champions
- Ohio Star Ball Champions
- 2 time Holiday Classic Champions
- 2 time Manhattan Dance Championship Finalists
- Embassy Dance Championship Finalists
- Millennium Dance Championship finalists
- Yankee Classic Champions
- Capital Dancesport Champions
- Paragon Open Champions
- International Grand Ball Champions
- King's Ball Champions
- Constitution Dance Champions
- Autumn dance Classic Champions
- Michigan Dance Champions

Internationally, Pasha and Gabrielle have had their share of success as well!

In 2014, they made the Amateur Rising Star final in WDC World Championships in Paris, France.

In 2015, Pasha and Gabrielle placed 7th at the UK Open Championship in the Rising Star Amateur Latin.

Later that year, they placed 9th at the German Open championships and became Bronze medalists at the Cervia WDC Open Championship in Italy.

They also placed 18th in the Amateur Latin at The Internationals dancing in the renowned Royal Albert Hall for the first time ever!

In January of 2016, they became Amateur Latin finalists of the prestigious Imperial Championships in England and went on to becoming United Kingdom Open Championships RS Amateur Latin Finalists.

Their main achievement so far has been becoming the 2016 BLACKPOOL Champions in the Rising Star Amateur Latin. By winning the world's most renowned competition as rising stars, they have closed that chapter and are now competing only in the Open Amateur events, currently being placed 18th out of 250 (Blackpool Dance Festival 2016).

In October 2016, they defended their place in the final at the Imperial Championships, as well as placing again 18th in the Amateur Latin at the Royal Albert Hall during The International Championships.

In November 2016, Pasha and Gabrielle became finalists in the Amateur Latin of the World Ultimate Challenge in England.

However, as grateful as they are to be rewarded such prestigious results, their main priority remains - keep improving! "We try to get better by being honest in our movement and hope that as we develop as people and dancers, our product reflects that too. We enjoy sharing our love for dancing with everyone, and want to lead by example; to encourage others to work hard, dream big, and believe in themselves!"

They were also featured in the infamous DanceSportInfo interviews after #winning the 2016 Blackpool:

Pasha chooses to dance 131T Alan Tornsberg Model in Crepe Satin, while Gabrielle chooses the 070T Karina T-strap model in Dark Tan Satin.

"We choose Aida for our journey's footprints." -Pasha and Gabrielle