Slash Sharan & Rebecca Vincitore (Slashitore)

Slash and Rebecca (often referred to/as ‘Slashitore’) have had quite the journey that started in 2007 at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Slash, originally from Fiji, moved to Canada to begin his Chemistry Undergraduate studies at University of British Columbia. It was here that he first was introduced to International style Latin & Ballroom dancing. After excelling at the intercollegiate level, he took private lessons and trained with Roland Mitchchenko, Glen Brennan, Denis Tremblay & Ginette Cournoyer. In 2007, he took the opportunity to be a professional dancer & instructor at the top studio in the country! After winning many top teacher awards regionally & nationally, Slash now is the Studio Dance Director at the same studio!

Meanwhile, minutes away from the same studio, Rebecca was being introduced to ballet at age 2! Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Rebecca’s parents introduced her to all dance forms possible at a very young age. Rebecca quickly became high level competitive dancer in other styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary.

At age 9, her parents introduced her to the world of Ballroom Dancing. Her first and only instructor was Slash (a rocky start.. more info at a later time!) Despite her busy schedule, she was able to participate in some Pro-Am events.

At age 18 she earned the opportunity to join Joffrey Ballet school for Contemporary and Jazz in New York. Instead, she confidently made the decision to pursue her dancing in the wonderful world of ballroom.

In July 2017, Slash and Rebecca began there professional partnership (& have competed in 20 events since then!). In there first year of dancing, they focused on what it takes to become a champion dancer. Aside from consistent training with some of the best coaches, they see significant importance on having exceptional integrity. They believe to always be professional, treat people kindly, and dance with a full heart. They feel this will carry them to many heights but more importantly create a unique identity on and off the floor. Rebecca and Slash are very grateful to be able to dance and grow together!


Their motto in dancing is:

Be Positive, be Passionate & be Productive :-)


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