Stanislav Savich & Nicole Prosser

Nicole was born in a very small, remote, town called Port Hedland, Western Australia, and it was at age 5 that she started ballroom dancing in Perth. At the age of 17, after finishing highschool she moved to Sydney on a scholarship, to study a Bachelor of Dance for 3 years.


After obtaining her degree, the next destination was to be New York, a move there to continue competitive dancing. After a year, her partner from Australia decided to move back home, and Nicole made the decision to stick it out in New York for a little while longer, to see if anything might encourage her to stay... And that’s when she met Stanislav, in 2014, and knew right away from the first practice that she would be continuing on with him, and all very quickly a new partnership started.
Stanislav is originally from Moscow, Russia, where he started dancing at the age of 8. He moved to the US in 2001, to continue his dance journey. At the age of 21 he made the Top 20 dancers in the popular TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” season 2. As an Amateur dancer, Stanislav was a finalists of all major US championships. His transition into his professional career was put on hold because of his injury, but as soon as it got better, he met a beautiful Australian dancer, Nicole Prosser, who is currently his wife and partner. Together they are travelling across the US performing and competing in Professional Latin.
Outside of their own dancing, Stanislav and Nicole also love working with kids, and as such, decided to start their own dance school, "Dance Development" in 2016.
"We want to share ballroom dancing with kids, because it is such a special athletic art that nothing else can truly compare to.”
They enjoy living Upstate NY, where they reside close to nature.