Tony Cooperman and Rickie Taylor

Tony Cooperman and Rickie Taylor started dancing together in January of 2017. Both Tony and Rickie were coming from successful previous partnerships, so they know what it takes to make it work. They decided to move to New York City together to make the most of their new partnership.

Tony, formerly representing Canada, has been training in ballroom dance since the age of 7 and has had great success in his early Junior and Youth career. Tony took a break from competitive dancing from 2014-2017 to expand his knowledge in other styles of dance such as ballet, modern, and contemporary which has helped him to stand out in the ballroom world by acquiring these diverse skills. He also studied dance at York University in Toronto, Ontario before moving to New York. And even at a young age, Tony has been attending and studying from arts schools from grades 5-12. He was 3 time Canadian Youth 10-Dance Champion, 2014 WDC U16 10-Dance World Finalist, and 2014 Blackpool Dance Festival U21 Ballroom Quarterfinalist. 

Rickie, age 16, is originally from Seattle and has been dancing for 12 years. In order to accommodate her decision to move to New York, she graduated high school early to allow more opportunities to train and compete. With her former partner, Rickie was 6 time US National Champion, 4 time Junior Blackpool Finalist, 2014 WDSF U16 World Ballroom Semifinalist, 2014 WDC U16 World Ballroom Champion, 2015 WDC U16 World Ballroom and Latin Finalist, 2015 International Championships U16 Ballroom Finalist, 2016 US National Championships U16 Ballroom and Latin Champion, and 2016 AAU Junior Olympic Games U19 Ballroom and Latin Champion. Now that's a mouthful.

In only 6 months of dancing together, Tony and Rickie have already achieved many great results both in the United States and internationally. While both of them have an incredible passion for dance that not only feeds their determination to work hard for their future, but that definitely shows in their dancing as well. This was most apparent in this year's 2017 Blackpool Dance Festival where Tony and Rickie made a competitive breakthrough in their young partnership by making the U21 Latin final! Overwhelmed by the amount of support they received and this early success, now more than ever they are excited to prove that anything is possible when you give and share your love for dance. Together they have already achieved some amazing results:

• 2017 WDC U21 World 10-Dance Finalist

• 2017 Blackpool Dance Festival U21 Latin Finalist

Tony and Rickie believe that being partners with Aida Dance Shoes is a great way to start that journey. With superior comfort and design, Rickie's signature Aida style includes the Karina 070T and the Linda 040E. Tony feels most connected to the floor with ease of sustained balance when wearing the Smagin 131T and the Mirko 119F.