Tykhon Zhyvkov & Yana Yaroslavskaya


Yana on the contrary from early days of dance training preferred the Standard style of ballroom. As a Junior and Youth dancer, Yana became a Standard Champion of Kiev and Ukraine. Once Yana entered the Amateur age category, Yana switched to Latin under a new partnership. It didn`t take long before this new partnership claimed incredible results: Ukrainian Latin Amateur Champion, runner-up at UK in Professional Rising Star Latin, finalist in Blackpool Rising Star Latin, and semi-finalist at multiple prestigious competitions in England, Holland, and World Championships in France. By 2012, Yana was ranked as an Ukrainian Master of Sports in addition to being an acclaimed international dancer and judge.

Despite attending countless dance competitions around the world, Tykhon and Yana did not know each other. They first met in Kiev in 2014 when Tykhon`s career was in full swing and Yana decided to retire from her professional career and focus on coaching. In 2016, Tykhon decided to move to the United States in order to continue developing his dance career. He went on to become a Rising Star Professional Latin finalist at USDC, Emerald Ball, Embassy, Millennium, and one of the top Latin Professional dancers in the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios Company.

As Tykhon`s and Yana`s relationship continued to grow away from the dance world, their love for each brought Yana to the United States a year later. After their marriage, Tykhon and Yana decided to continue the love for dancing together in a dance partnership. Together, they become Professional Latin winners and finalists at numerous competitions across the U.S. In January 2018, Tykhon and Yana decided to switch and try dancing in American Smooth. At their first competition in this style -WCDC - they claimed the championship spot. Some of their most recent accomplishments include:

  • Runners-up in Rising Star at California Open
  • Professional finalists at Tri-State, Beach Bash, Open Vegas, and Michigan Dance Challenge
  • Winner in Rising Star Smooth and Professional Finalists in Fred Astaire
  • Rising Star finalists and Professional Semi-finalists at Emerald Ball