Volodymyr Barabash & Yulia Rudenco

Yulia was born and raised in a dance family. Her parents Elena and Andrei Rudenco owned a dance club “Gratsia” in Moldova where she started dancing at the age of 3. She fell in love with dance and never stopped since then. Yulia was remarkably successful in her early years, dancing amateur divisions in both ballroom and modern dance styles.

Yulia moved to USA in 2008 with her parents and started new career as pro/am dancer with her father Andrei. Yulia is 5 times US National Pro/Am Champion, 4 times World Pro/Am Champion, 5 times 10 Dance Champion. Many time winner of Millennium Dancesport Championships, Emerald DancesportChampionships, Embassy Ball Championships, and Ohio Start Ball Championships. In addition to this she is also a 7 time Fred Astaire National American Smooth, International Standard and International Latin Pro/Am Champion.

In 2016, she continued her dance career as professional dancer and is already highly successful: finalist, Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist of many competitions, including US National Championships and Ohio Star Ball Championships.

 Originally from Ukraine, Volodymyr started dancing at the age of 6. His mom brought him to the local dance studio, and he has never left dancing ever since. Growing up in extremely competitive field, he was lucky to win a lot of regional and national events in both International Standard and Latin divisions. 

Later, in adult division Volodymyr turned his focus to the Standard style. He was highly successful competitor becoming Ukrainian National Professional Silver Medalist and representing Ukraine in 2 World Classic Showdance Championships and European Standard Championships.

After being invited to U. S., Volodymyr started to explore American styles and fell in love with American Smooth as a perfect combination of Standard and Latin. Looking for a professional partner, he was super lucky to meet Yulia who was also looking for a partner in the same area. 

 Volodymyr and Yulia started dancing together in the end of 2018. They shared a short time on the dance floor at a few local competitions before Yulia suffered a major knee injury. Together they walked a hard road of recovery, not certain if they would ever get back on the dance floor. After a whole year of hard work, they restarted their professional career in August 2020 feeling stronger than ever! 

As of right now, their best results are:

- 2020 Cleveland Dancesport Rising Stars Smooth 1st Place

- 2020 Fred Astaire National Dance Championship Rising Stars Smooth 1st Place

- 2021 Platinum Dancesport Rising Stars Smooth 1st Place

- 2021 First Coast Classic Rising Stars Smooth 1st Place

2021 Fred Astaire Cross Country Dance Championships Rising Stars Smooth 1st Place

- 2021 Philadelphia Dancesport Rising Stars Smooth 1st Place

- 2021 Emerald Dancesport Open Smooth Semifinalists

- 2021 Crown Jewel Dancesport Rising Stars Smooth 1st Place

 Together, Volodymyr and Yulia hope to reach their highest dance potential and inspire others to be their best. Their goal is to enjoy every moment of the journey and leave a positive mark on the dance industry.