Miroslav Randelovic & Dakota Pizzi

Dakota Pizzi and Miroslav (Misha) Randelovic started their partnership in 2018. Dakota is a New Jersey native and Misha is from Belgrade, Serbia with many stamps in his passport! Outside of dancing Dakota enjoys doing makeup and ballroom hair styling, while Misha loves to stay active with soccer and video games. Dakota began dancing Ballet at the age of 3 and shortly moved over to 10 Dance dramatically proclaiming, “I want to live on the dance floor!” Misha began dancing at the age of 9 and quickly moved up in the European Performing Arts Community in 10 Dance and Modern. 

In 2018 Misha left dancing in Germany, and came to the USA in hopes of finding a partner to further his dancing. They quickly hit it off and began training in Latin together. Soon after they added performing in the Theatre Arts/Cabaret event. Dancing both styles, they feel they are fully able to express their creativity, passion, and show off their best abilities in dance. They primarily train and teach in Paragon Ballroom, Roselle Park, NJ and in studios across Manhattan. 

As a couple they have achieved;

  • 1st place Amateur Championship Latin United States Dancesport Championships 2019
  • 4th Place Miami Vibe Amateur Latin Championships 2021
  • 1st Place Manhattan Dance Championships Cabaret 2021
  • 1st Place Amateur Cabaret New York Dance Festival (NYDF) 2020
  • Finalist 4th Place United States Amateur National Cabaret Championships 2020
  • 1st Place Amateur Championship Latin- BYU Dancesport Festival
  • 2nd Place Amateur Cabaret -BYU Dancesport Festival 
  • 3rd Place Amateur Championship Latin -Platinum Dancesport


Dakota and Misha look forward to achieving many things together, from continued competitive success, to one day performing for Blackpool Gala and Kremlin Cup. They hope that their competitive dancing and showcases can be a source of inspiration and entertainment for others.