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Nikolai Tarasov & Sarah Nolan

Nikolai and Sarah established their dance partnership in October 2016, after both having very successful previous partnerships. They come from very different backgrounds, Nikolai being trained from an early age in Russia and moving to the USA, and Sarah being trained in New Zealand and moving to England. They love their diversity and welcome the uniqueness that it brings into their dancing.

They believe very much in building a strong, positive, and inspiring network around their very fresh partnership and had no doubts in wanting AIDA Dance shoes to be part of their journey!

Some of their favorite past results include;

Nikolai Tarasov

• 2015 10 Dance United States National Champion;
• 2013 The Disney Cup Under 21 Youth Latin Champion; Paris, France.
• 2015 Blackpool Dance Festival Top 48
• 2015 International Dance Championships Top 48 ( London, England );
• 2015 German Open Championships Quarter Finalist ( Mannheim, Germany ); • 2015 Festival Danza Semi Finalist ( Cervia, Italy ).

Won the following competitions:

*California State DanceSport Championships 2013 * Empire State DanceSport Championships 2012 *California Star Ball 2012, 2015 * City Lights Ball 2013, 2015 * Desert Classic 2013 * In- ternational Grand Ball 2013, 2014 * Nevada Star Ball 2013 * Pacific Grand Ball 2013 * Crystal Classic DanceSport Championships 2013 * San Francisco Open 2015, 2016 * Emerald Ball 2015, 2016 * Portland Open DanceSport 2015, 2016 * Desert Classic DanceSport Festival 2015 *Autumn Dance Classic 2015

Additional Honors and Accomplishments

Stanford University Guest Lecturer.
Featured in short dance film for DuDance organization.

Sarah Nolan

2009 IDSF South Pacific 10 Dance Champion
New Zealand Open Latin Champion for Junior, Youth and Amateur

2011 WDSF New Zealand 10 Dance Champion
2012 Australian Open to the World Youth Latin Champion
2014 International Championships UK top 42 Under 21 Latin
2014 New Zealand Open to the World Adult Amateur, and Youth Latin Champion 2015 Blackpool Dance Festival Under 21 Latin top 11
2015 All Ireland Championships Amateur and Youth Latin Champion
2015 Killick Classic USA Rising Star and Youth Latin Champion
2015 International Championships Under 21 Latin top 12

Additional Honors and Accomplishments:

In the year 2013, Sarah and her previous partner entered the world wide spin off series New Zealand's Got Talent. They received the highest recommendations from world renown choreographer, Chris Judd, and during the second round, were voted crowd favorite. They progressed into the Grande Finale and placed 5th.