Ron Garber & Klaudia Petriti

Ron and Klaudia started dancing together in 2018. Both driven by their love and passion for dancing, they quickly emerged on the scene as a promising amateur couple. Together they strive to compete at all the top domestic and international competitions and bring something new and unique to the dance floor. 

Klaudia was born in Korca, Albania. Her parents dreamed of moving to America to give their kids the opportunity to have a great education and succeed at whatever they do. At the age of 3, her parents won the lottery to move to the states! She grew up in Sarasota, Florida where she began to dance at the age of 11. After taking her first group class, she immediately fell in love with dancing. She began training at Dynasty Dance Clubs where she developed her skills as a dancer and teacher. At the age of 18, Klaudia ditched her school books, dropped everything and got a one way ticket to NY to pursue her dreams of becoming a top dancer. Just 1 year later, she became the US National Under 21 Champion and placed 7th in the Semi-Final of the US Amateur Latin. While living in Brooklyn, Klaudia would spend the mornings working as a barista at a local coffee shop and spent the evenings as a hostess to make ends meet. Let's just say, she can make a mean Cappuccino. Finally, when caffeinating grumpy New Yorkers wasn't thrilling enough, she started working with Miari Dancewear (aka, the best dancewear ever). When she's not practicing or teaching, Klaudia loves to workout and watch dance videos. 

Ron was born in Tel Aviv, Israel before his family immigrate to the United States in 2000. Ron started his dance career at the age of 9 when he first began taking classes at the local dance studio in Newton, MA. He quickly became interested in competing and was dancing at all the local competitions. At the age of 17, Ron became the US Youth Latin National champion and he knew from then on that dancing was his calling. He went on to represent the US at the Youth World Championships in 2011 and later that year made an appearance on Dancing With The Stars Season 14. For the next 4 years, Ron would be traveling from Newton to New York City on a weekly basis to study under the tutelage of his coaches Allan Tornsberg and Vibeke Toft while at the same time completing his business degree at Northeastern University in Boston. In that time he managed to become the US Under 21 vice-champion and WDC World Under 21 finalist. Ron is now traveling and competing around the world, but also is a big fan of the outdoors. From hiking the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland, to skiing down the Alps in Verbier, Switzerland, Ron is always looking forward to spending time in nature and exploring the world.

Some of Ron and Klaudia’s recent accomplishments include:

  • Ohio Star Ball Amateur Latin Finalists 
  • Golden Star Amateur Latin Finalists
  • La Classique du Quebec Amateur Latin Finalists
  • New York Dance Festival Amateur Latin Finalists