Vladyslav & Brianna Nalyvaychuk

Vladyslav Nalyvaychuk started ballroom dancing at age 4 in both Latin and Ballroom styles in Ukraine; where he became the 10 Dance Youth Ukrainian Champion. After moving to the United States in 2011 he continued teaching and dancing in both standard and Latin. He later was introduced and fell in love with the American Smooth style and has continued to pursue this passion ever since, with his partner Brianna. Brianna Nalyvaychuk started ballroom dancing at age 8 and originally trained in the Latin style. Among many accomplishments, she ultimately became U.S. 9 dance rhythm and smooth Pro/Am champion and was invited to Dance at the 2015 Dance Legends show in New York. After turning professional, she has continued to compete in the American style smooth with her partner Vlad.
Vlad and Brianna met at an early age when Brianna was only 15 and Vlad was only 19. Vlad, for a short period of time was Brianna’s Ballroom instructor. However, their paths took them in different directions as Brianna continued to grow her Pro/am career and Vladyslav continued his teaching and growing his knowledge of dance. 3 years later, when Brianna decided to turn professional, her first thought was Vlad. It truly was a match meant to be. Shortly after becoming professional dance partners, they also became husband and wife. They continue to share their passion for dance and love for each other.
Together, the Nalyvaychuk’s have been competing 3 years together in the Professional American Style smooth all around the country. Being the top smooth couple in the Midwest, they also are; World Rising Star Smooth Finalists at Embassy Dance competition, 2 time Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Smooth finalists, Chicago Harvest Moon Rising star Smooth Champions, Nashville Starz Rising Star Smooth Champions, Indiana Challenge Rising Star smooth Champions. And they continue to make finals at all of the prestigious competitions around the United States.